Here’s The Buzz Around Town- Testimonials!



We have been with That Coupon Book since February of 2010. We do a lot of advertising and we are pleased with our response from That Coupon Book. We receive coupons on a consistent basis. (Dave, Burger 9.5, Merrick)



It is now only a couple of weeks after That Coupon Book went out in the mail and we are very happy to say that we are receiving coupons on a steady basis. We are very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to continue advertising in That Coupon Book. (Joe & Maria, Calabria Pizzeria- Owners, Bellmore)



I am a new business so I decided to advertise in a few different venues. I am by far the happiest with my results from That Coupon Book. Dollar for Dollar, That Coupon Book is well worth the investment. (Ooodles of Doodles, Rachel, Owner – Merrick)



I am a new business owner and we are on a tight budget. When I saw That Coupon Book I was amazed at how reasonable it was to advertise in it. Within the first couple of weeks I got quite a few coupons and am very happy with the response we’ve gotten and look forward to continuing with That Coupon book. (Nidhi, Teapot – Owner, Bellmore)



We really don’t do any advertising but when Tina came in and showed us her program we decided to give it a try and I am shocked with the response we get. It has definetly increased our business and most important we are seeing new business as well. (Matt, General Manager, Miller’s Ale House, Levittown)



I have been with That Coupon Book since they started and every time the book goes out I get people coming in and signing up for my classes. Since That Coupon book is so affordable, I have now expanded to a second area as well. (Heather - Owner, Rising Sun Dojo)



I do a lot of advertising and I track everything and I have to say dollar for dollar we get an excellent response from That Coupon Book we are now going on our third six month program with them. (Borrellis – East Meadow – Frank)




We are doing very well with That Coupon Book we are seeing coupons on a consistent basis since the book came out and we are looking forward to the future issues. (Sweet Karma, Brian and Jennifer – East Meadow)



We have gotten a great response to That Coupon Book, we advertised in the Wantagh/Seaford and Merrick/Bellmore areas to start and we are so pleased with our response that we are now adding Massapequa. We are getting coupons on a continuous basis. (John, Seaford Car Wash)

Testimonials – (Readers)


That Coupon Book was so colorful, I couldn’t help but notice it right away. It is so much easier than searching for and cutting out coupons in a big paper with all of the other articles and ads. With That Coupon Book, it is so simple to use as you can pretty much see everyone at-a-glance. It is in such a convenient format, I can just fold it and put it in my purse and carry the whole thing with me. I am enjoying trying new places as well as being able to frequent my regular places more often. because of That Coupon Book. (Peggy C., Bellmore)



I just wanted to thank you. As senior citizens on a fixed budget it is more and more difficult for us to make ends meet. With That Coupon Book, we can realize savings that we never had before and That Coupon Book is so easy to use. Thanks again! (Edith & Al S., Wantagh)



What a great idea, finally an easy to use format without all of the nonsense. I can either cut out the coupons I want or better yet, I can carry That Coupon Book with me so I don’t miss out on anything. There are so many different types of businesses in That Coupon Book and the best part is that they are all local. (Margaret E., East Meadow)



All I can say is what a great idea, finally a coupon book that has all local ads that I can use and is convenient to bring with me. In this day and age, I don’t go anywhere without first looking for a coupon. My husband and I were fighting over the book so we called to find out how we can get another one. We picked up another coupon book and now there is peace in our home again. (Fran N., East Meadow)



I look forward to receiving That Coupon Book every month. It hasn’t been out that long but I feel that it is by far one of the most useful publications out there. Everything is local and it gives me exactly what I’m looking for, just coupons without all of the other nonsense. Great Publication! (Joan R., Seaford)



I just received That Coupon Book for the first time and I was so impressed with it that I called the company to inquire about their help wanted ad. I look at all of these things and I was really impressed with That Coupon Book because of all the local businesses that were in the book. I also felt that it was a great format, it was easy to see everyone’s ad at a glance without flipping through page after page, and it was very compact and easy to carry with me. Joyce G., Massapequa)